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Andrwe Howell's is a talented Artist based in the Hunter region. Andrew Howell's hand draws animal artworks for Stampede Style. These incredible illustrations by Andrew Howells will transform your space. 

Produced by the finest local printers, these stunning giclée prints are created capturing the striking detail in which they are drawn. The Gicleé prints are produced on the highest quality art paper with archival pigment inks.

A range of these Andrew Howells illustrations are available as well as a limited edition collectible range.

Our ranges include: Wild Beauties - elephant prints, giraffe prints, zebra prints, cheetah prints, rhino prints and lioness prints; Nursery Beauties plus Collectible Beauties (limited edition). Each print is hand signed by the Artist Andrew Howells.

All are produced locally in both Newcastle and Sydney Australia.

Artist Profiles

Profile of Andrew Howell, a Newcastle artist. 


Hunter artist Andrew Howells has established a reputation for creating incredibly detailed and magnificent wildlife art.  Born in Sydney, Andrew was talented from an early age.  He began his career in animation, however it wasn't long before his career changed direction as he embarked upon the challenge of illustrating elephants in the utmost accuracy, Enjoying the complexity of drawing such amazing creatures, Andrew went on to master the art of illustrating animal fur, scales, feathers and wrinkles.

His unique style and striking compositions captured in his work have seen his illustrations featured in a number of solo and group exhibitions, along with nature publications and lifestyle magazines.  Andrew's illustrations are hand drawn using graphite pencil and can take up to 100 hours per piece, while his paintings are a mixture of acrylic and water colours.  Each piece captures the finest of detail, bringing his subjects to life.

Andrew's work has been admired and sold all of the world. Partnered with Stampede Style his work is now available as hand signed Limited and Open Edition Giclée Prints. 



Nayana remembers her love of being a creative ever since she can remember. She grew up in a family where everyone created, whether it be knitting or sewing, and whilst Nayana loved these things what came naturally to her and what she loved most was to draw. In her twenties Nayana studied drawing and sculpture in Sydney, and then took her talents to the film industry as a scenic painter and producer of costumes and props. Since starting a family, she has picked up her pencils and rediscovered her love for drawing.

Nayana is attracted to nature and wildlife and it is her absolute pleasure to capture a glimpse of these gorgeous creatures on paper. While pencils and paper will always be what she feels most comfortable with, she also loves trying new mediums, and the notion that you never know where your art will take you.

Each of Nayana's illustrations are hand drawn using pencils.  Her work encapsulates both the spirit and beauty of her subject through her fine detail and vibrant palette.  Nayana's work has been sold all over the world.  Partnered with Stampede Style, a selection of her finest artwork is now available as hand signed Limited Edition Giclée Prints.



As a film photographer based in Los Angeles California, Lane has a passion for photographing the American West from wild horses to Joshua trees.  His love for these surrounds evolved whilst living in the rocky mountains of Colorado. Having moved back to Southern California, Lane now pursues photography and fine art.

Partnered with Stampede Style, Lane brings to Australia a hand picked selection of his Dakota mustangs as limited edition fine art prints. Lanes photography of wild horses from the West are both beautiful and striking.